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New striped fabrics, 97% GRS recycled


SINGERS collection is the new must-have for this season. We are excited to launch a new recycled collection, made of PET bottles (13%) and pre-consumer recycled cotton (87%).

Launching high quality fabrics and sustainable is our priority: SINGERS collection is 97% certified by Global Recycled Standard and we have created 4 different stripes to be combined with POLO and LESTER collection.

SINGERS is available in 6 colours:


Recycled cotton is obtained from cotton textile waste sorted by tape and colour and later shredded and transformed into new cotton fibre.

The use of recycled cotton reduces the consumption of virgin raw materials. By transforming the cotton waste into new recycled fibre, we avoid the cultivation of new cotton plantations.

Furthermore, its production process consumes less water and less energy and generates less waste, helping us to preserve the environment.

In the manufacturing process of just one metre of this fabric a considerably lower amount of CO2 is generated, we have upcycled 4 plastic bottles, 2.622 litres of water are saved and an energy saving of 465 WH is obtained.


Recycled polyester is produced from recycled PET plastic, such as that found in plastic bottles.

Whenever you throw a plastic bottle into recycling bin, it is taken to waste separation and classification plant. These plants separate the different types of plastic and give it a better purpose. The PET plastic is cleaned, shredded and recycled into a new recycled polyester fibre.

As a result, we are able to give new life to plastic waste and reduce the consumption of virgin raw materials through a process that consumes less water and less energy and generates less waste.

The upcycled thread has characteristics similar to virgin polyester: it is strong, resistant and long- lasting and can always be recycled again, contributing to the circular economy.


SINEGRS collection is certified 97% by Global Recycled Standard – the international certification that guarantees that we are an environmentally friendly business that produces different products from recycled materials.


  • Recycling reduces the consumption of virgin raw materials
  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Reduction of power consumption

From HISPANO TEX we encourage to use more sustainable fibres and promote reducing the footprint in our Planet.

If you need more information about sustainable fabrics or SINGERS collection, please contact us here: