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MONACO is definitely our timeless curtain collection

Monaco collection is our new strongest bet for Hispano Tex in recycled and sustainable fabric collection. We have finally launched a complete collection of recycled sheers, dyed in 20 modern colors.

Recycled curtain collection is available now and you can order it here:

Its composition is 80% recycled PET from water plastic bottles and 20% of sustainable linen. The mix of this fibers make it smooth and with a beautiful fall.

Hispano Tex fabric designers opt for natural fibers like linen or recycled source materials that don’t damage our planet.

Jade, toasted and blush pink: 20 new colors

Monaco collection has a wide range of colors, from earth tones like toasted nut and linen to colors more pinkish, such as blush or make-up hues. We include also a variety of greenish colors like jade or light blue tones. In total, we have 20 new colors in the market, all them picked up very carefully following the market trends. Check them in the button below:

Upcycle up to 20 plastic bottles in a Monaco curtain

Our recycled curtain collection is made 80% from plastic bottles, meaning that in a curtain (more or less sized in 280 x 140 cm) you can upcycle more than 20 plastic bottles.

Reusing and recycling plastic bottles is one of our solutions to make a better textile industry and stop causing negative impact to our environment. Upcycling plastic has a lot of benefits, the most important are these:

  • The energy needed to make the rPET is less than what is needed to make the virgin polyester
  • Recycling PET to create the fabrics prevents it from going to landfill or oceans
  • Using more recycled polyester reduces our dependence on virgin petroleum as a raw material
  • Fabrics created from recycled polyester can be recycled again and again with no degradation of quality, minimizing wastage

Certified by Global Recycled Standard

Monaco collection is 80% certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS), an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions.

Why is so important to be certified by GRS? If a textile collection is 100% certified by Global Recycled Standard that means this collection has been produced with low harmful impact of production to people and environment. Also, GRS guarantees the traceability of its materials in the final product and the sustainability of their processes.

Produced with environmentally friendly processes

Eco or environmentally friendly manufacturing protects the planet from exploitation and conserves natural resources. Monaco collection, our timeless recycled curtain collection, are made from sustainable materials, while waste is reduced through remanufacturing, reuse and recycling.

Hispano Tex is committed to a circular economy and industry, therefore we are constantly investing and promoting a better process that contribute to a greener environment.

Keep investing in renewable energy, waste reduction, conserve water consumption and limit the use of chemicals and CO2 emissions is our main priority and also, continue bringing out beautiful recycled fabric collections.

 MONACO fabrics are available now, in stock and ready to ship. Please use the form below to request a hanger or email us at: marketing@hispanotex.com.