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LUBBOK collection, new life for old denim


LUBBOK collection is printed on a recycled blue denim, with diluted white paste. Find the 3 new patterns that will give a sophisticated look to every single space in your home. LUBBOK is 72% GRS.

During the last decades, denim has been in a constant change of style, colours and ways to wear it. For this 2022 we have launched a full collection of patterns printed on a recycled denim printbase.

SKINNY printbase is a twill made with post – consumer recycled jeans. We collect old jeans that we can’t no longer use, and we produce a new fiber mixed with other organic fibers to obtain a full recycled new textile.

The use of recycled jeans to build a new article reduces the consumption of virgin raw materials. By transforming the cotton waste into a new recycled fibre, we avoid the cultivation on new cotton plantations.

Furthermore, its production process consumes less water and less energy and generates less waste, helping us to preserve the environment. By using 1 metre of LUBBOK collection we save 2.300 litres of water, 193gr of CO2 that otherwise would be in the atmosphere and 108wH of energy.

LUBBOK collection is composed by 3 totally different patterns, ones more minimal and modern and others more classical and timeless style:

LUBBOK collection, as the other recycled collections we have been launching during 2020 and 2021, are certified by Global Recycled Standard (72% GRS) – the international certification that guarantees that we are an environmentally friendly business that produces different products from recycled materials.

For every meter of LUBBOK we recycle one pair of jeans, and the composition of this new collection is: 98% cotton and 2% of other fibers, and has a weight of 220 gr/m2.

This collection is ideal if you want to create a sophisticate table and surprise your guests, also for beautiful cushions and thick curtains.

LUBBOK collection 2022 is available now, in stock and ready to ship. Please use the link below to request a hanger or email us at: marketing@hispanotex.com.

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