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Introducing Fire-REC: The sustainable Fire-Retardant Curtain Collection

Fire-REC is a remarkable collection of curtains, meticulously crafted from three unique fabrics that possess exceptional inherent fire-retardant properties. Specifically designed to cater to the stringent safety requirements of hotels, hospitals, and restaurants, the collection Fire-REC offers a superior level of protection while simultaneously embodying sustainability.

Inherent FR fabrics

Fire-REC is made from inherently flame-resistant fibers, ensuring that the fabric possesses intrinsic fire-resistant capabilities at the molecular level. This means that Fire-REC provides excellent flame resistance without the need for additional treatments or coatings. It surpasses industry standards by offering reliable fire protection right from its core.

The advantages of Fire-REC’s inherent flame-resistant fabrics are numerous:

High level of protection from thermal hazards:

Fire-REC fabrics provide a high level of protection against heat and flames, minimizing the risk of burns and injuries.

Often present higher thermal protective performance (TPP) scores than treated fabrics:

Inherent flame-resistant fabrics, such as those used in Fire-REC, often achieve higher TPP scores, indicating superior thermal protection.

Long service life:

Fire-REC fabrics are designed to have a prolonged lifespan, ensuring durability and continued fire resistance over time.

FR properties will never wash out:

Unlike treated fabrics, the flame-resistant properties of Fire-REC fabrics will never diminish or wash out, maintaining their effectiveness throughout the lifespan of the curtains.

Garments will not ignite in normal O2 concentrations:

Fire-REC fabrics are engineered to resist ignition, even in normal oxygen concentrations, providing an additional layer of safety.

May char or expand (typically garments created with oxidized fibers) to provide increased thermal resistance under continuous exposure to a thermal hazard:

In certain situations, Fire-REC fabrics made with oxidized fibers may char or expand, creating an enhanced thermal barrier and increasing protection during continuous exposure to heat.

In certain situations, Fire-REC fabrics made with oxidized fibers may char or expand, creating an enhanced thermal barrier and increasing protection during continuous exposure to heat.

Fire REC collection

The Fire-REC collection encompasses a range of fabrics, each with its unique set of features and benefits. Let’s explore the remarkable characteristics of each fabric:


COKER, available in off-white and optical white, is a dyed fabric that offers both elegance and functionality. Composed of 100% FR PES (flame-resistant polyester) and 100% Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified, COKER ensures exceptional fire resistance and demonstrates a commitment to sustainability.

With a width of 300 cm and a weight of 150 gr/m2, it provides ample coverage while maintaining a lightweight feel. The fabric’s taffeta-plain structure adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. Notably, utilizing one meter of COKER fabric contributes to the recycling of 24 plastic bottles, further emphasizing its eco-friendly nature.


CAVALIER, available in a pristine white shade, is a dyed fabric that combines versatility with sustainable elements. It consists of 64% rPES (recycled polyester) and 36% PES, with a substantial 64% Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification.

This fabric, with a width of 300 cm and a weight of 125 gr/m2, offers excellent coverage while maintaining a lightweight and airy feel. Its taffeta-plain structure adds a touch of simplicity and elegance to any interior. Choosing CAVALIER means opting for a fabric that embraces recycling, as one meter of this fabric contributes to the recycling of 13 plastic bottles.


The SPRINGER fabric stands out with its versatile color options, including beige and gray, and its unique yarn-dyed composition. It is crafted with 55% recycled PES (recycled polyester) and 45% PES, earning a commendable 55% Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification.

With a width of 300 cm and a weight of 150 gr/m2, SPRINGER provides excellent coverage and durability. Its taffeta-plain structure exudes a contemporary and chic aesthetic. Emphasizing sustainability, one meter of SPRINGER fabric helps recycle 13 plastic bottles, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

Fire REC is GRS certified

Fire-REC proudly holds the prestigious Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification, a testament to its commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices. This certification ensures that Fire-REC fabrics are made with recycled fibers, contributing to the reduction of waste and the preservation of our environment.

By adhering to the stringent standards set by the GRS, Fire-REC stands as a shining example of responsible textile production. With Fire-REC, safety seamlessly blends with style, and sustainability embraces fire resistance, creating an unparalleled collection that harmonizes elegance, protection, and environmental stewardship.

Certified by M1 Classification

Notably, Fire-REC has successfully passed the rigorous M1 certification, which verifies its outstanding fire-retardant performance. The M1 certification, a recognized standard in fire safety, attests that Fire-REC fabrics meet the highest requirements for fire resistance. With Fire-REC, you can trust that your establishment’s safety is safeguarded by a curtain collection that exceeds industry benchmarks.

The Fire-REC collection combines safety, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. It offers a diverse range of designs and colors to suit any interior ambiance, allowing you to create an inviting and harmonious atmosphere while ensuring the utmost fire protection. Whether your establishment is a hotel, hospital, or restaurant, Fire-REC’s inherent flame-resistant fabrics provide a reliable and stylish solution for your curtain needs.

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