Hispano Tex


Our commitment to clean energy

As a frontrunner in sustainability and circularity in the textile industry, we are always looking for new ways to accomplish our mission: a greener textile industry.

We are aware of the environmental problems associated with our industrial activity and the growing climate problem we all face, which is why we established a sustainability plan to reduce the harmful effects of our production process.

Our sustainability plan requires improved processes, new lines of work to counteract the effects on the environment, and facing new challenges to achieve more efficient resource management. To achieve these objectives, it is important to focus on renewable energy. The company has recently installed 1.475 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of our production center located in Moià, Barcelona.

These solar panels are connected to the internal power grid and generate almost 30% of the energy consumed by the factory. The installation consists of a generator with a rated power of 700 kWn and 800 kWp of peak power. Furthermore, the rest of the energy used in our factory, is acquired it from green and renewable sources as well.

Thanks to 100% renewable solar energy we will avoid releasing 1.789 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to planting 10.734 trees.

For several years, the factory has also had a CHP (combined heat and power) unit powered by a natural gas turbine. It generates electricity and high-temperature gas, which is sent to two boilers and burned to produce steam and heat thermal oil. Both these products are used throughout the textile manufacturing process. The production center uses electricity and the surplus is fed into the grid. This system makes Hispano Tex practically self-sufficient and optimizes energy.

In addition, as a part of our sustainability plan, we acquired a new compressor to improve the performance of our air looms. At the same time, we use the heat from the compressor to warm up the cold water in the gluing machine.

Hispano Tex is committed to protecting the planet and will follow its sustainability plan in pursuit of a greener and better textile industry.