Hispano Tex

Top 5 collections with natural fibers

In an era where sustainability is no longer just a buzzword but a way of life, natural fibers have emerged as champions in the fashion and textile industries. Their eco-friendly properties, coupled with their undeniable allure, have propelled them into the spotlight of modern design. From linen to hemp, these fibers offer a plethora of benefits for both the planet and its inhabitants. Let’s explore Hispano Tex’s top 5 collections that beautifully showcase the versatility and sustainability of natural fibers.

1.  LAINEN – 100% Linen Fiber:

Lainen stands tall as a testament to the timeless elegance and durability of linen. Crafted from 100% linen fibers, this collection boasts unparalleled strength and breathability.

From curtains to cushions, Lainen’s wide array of colors adds sophistication to any space. Moreover, linen’s natural biodegradability makes it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious consumers.


Bayuda, a blend of cotton and hemp, exemplifies the epitome of sustainability. Hemp, known for its strength and eco-friendly properties, makes Bayuda a standout choice for conscientious consumers. From its carbon-negative footprint to its minimal water and pesticide requirements, hemp emerges as a hero in the quest for sustainable textiles. Bayuda’s natural hue and versatility make it a go-to option for a range of home furnishings.

3.  RETAN – Linen and Cotton blend:

Retan exudes vintage charm with its blend of linen and cotton. Treated with special finishes for a unique look and feel, this collection marries nostalgia with sustainability. Notably, Retan incorporates recycled cotton, certified by the Global Recycled Standard, further solidifying its commitment to ethical practices. With a palette of trendy colors, Retan adds character to any interior space.

4.  AMUSE COLLECTION – Cotton and Linen Blend:

Comprising Bellini, Coquito, Negroni, and Gimlet, the Amuse Collection captivates with its blend of natural fibers. From plain fabrics to decorative stripes, each piece exudes elegance and charm. Despite its newcomer status, the Amuse Collection has quickly garnered praise from Hispano Tex’s clientele, thanks to its versatility and eco-conscious design.

As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability, the demand for natural fiber collections continues to soar. Hispano Tex’s top 5 collections exemplify the marriage of style and sustainability, offering a glimpse into a future where eco-friendly textiles reign supreme. By embracing natural fibers, we not only enhance the beauty of our living spaces but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable world. Let’s continue to celebrate the beauty and benefits of natural fibers as we tread lightly on this planet we call home.