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With an airy weave, a sturdy structure, a versatile appearance and an increasingly soft feel, it’s easy to see why Cambium collection is one of our favorite group of fabrics and why it’s becoming top sales in a very short time.

Cambium collection is made with natural and soft materials like cotton and linen, so is a go-to for fresh sheets, breathable curtains, elegant tablecloths and throw pillows for bedding or stylish sofas.

  • Different stripes patterns

This collection is composed of seven different fabrics, four of them are different stripes patterns, playing with thickness and composition. The other three fabrics are plain, in beige and soft tones and you can see different textures doing small drawings.

Cambium collection has a high percentage of recycled cotton, 52-54%, and it’s certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS certification). Also, has a percentage of linen that gives that natural look& feel that we like so much.

  • Bedding, breathable curtains and elegant tablecloths

What comes to comfortable sheets, cotton and linen are the best to have a good sleep. Cambium collection is a blend of cotton and linen with a low percentage of PES, this makes it perfect for light quilt and stylish plaids. If you want to check the exact compositions and weights, please download the catalogue here.

Curtains are also a good option for Cambium collection, ensure privacy and add an extra warmth to the room:


Who doesn’t like summertime tablecloths? Cambium is perfect to achieve this look and prepare elegant tables for your guests:

  • Recycled cotton certified by GRS

Sustainability continues to be at the forefront of product decisions, so we wanted to do a premium collection with sustainable fibers and recycled materials.

Cambium collection is certified by Global Recycled Standard – the international certification that guarantees that we are an environmentally friendly business that produces different products from recycled materials. Using recycled fabrics like Cambium collection, reduces the use of virgin raw materials, the consumption of water and energy.

From HISPANO TEX we encourage to use more sustainable fibers and promote reducing the footprint in our planet.

Cambium collection is available now, in stock and ready to ship. Please use the link below to request a hanger or email us at: marketing@hispanotex.com.