Composition 41% rCO 7%CO 18% rPET 34% PES
Width 300 cm
Weigth 159 gr/m²
Recycled percentage 59% recycled
Certifications GRS




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Patmos is made of half polyester and half cotton (52%PES – 48%CO (59%GRS)), bringing out the best of both fibers. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is extremely durable; resistant to mildew; excellent at retaining their color and they hold their shape well which means it does not wrinkle easily. Cotton is a go-to material for all-round benefits, it offer a fresh, clean feel that suits traditional or modern decorating styles. This new recycled fabric is reversible; you can see a different spike drawing in both sides. The drawing is woven so it gives a sophisticate touch to the curtain.

. This collection is 100% GRS certified.


Hispano Tex is GRS certified by ICEA. GRS – 2018-010. Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions. The GRS is intended to meet the needs of companies looking to verify the recycled content of their products and to verify responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in their production.

1 meter of PATMOS, we save

Besides reducing the amount of plastic that goes to the landfill, studies confirm that recycling polyester fabrics and reuse cotton garments take 70% less energy, 75% less CO2, and 86% less water than producing fabrics with virgin materials.


less water consumption
1.046l of water
less energy saving
186 wh of energy
less co2 in the atmosphere
88 gr of CO2
recycled bottles
5 plastic bottles

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