• Hispano Tex enlarges upholstery offer during 2017/2018

    Upholstery fabrics

    Since earlier this year, our design and product development departments are working very hard to prepare a new set of fabrics to be used for upholstery purposes.

    Most of our clients who do upholstery of sofas, chairs and others, already know our good SISAL made of polypropylene yarn. But now we are going to include velvety chenilles, original new yarn dyed patterns both for indoors and outdoors upholstery.

    sofa2 Source: Habitissimo

    The color trend for sofas and armchairs has been very neutral in the recent years, however, now we see combination of plains and printed (plain sofa with printed armchair) and the prints going botanical and/or geometrical.

    sofa3 Source: Habitissimo

    In our collection prints that always incorporate best year trends, you will also find prints for decorative pillows like:

    Series Matrix

    6    8

    Series Small

     9    10

    Serie Joya

    Sin-título-1    Sin-título-5

    Serie Tijuana

    11     12

    Serie Ismos

    Sin-título-2    Sin-título-4

    Serie Hindu

    7    Sin-título-3

    And many others! Register now and access our print collection: CLICK HERE!


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