• New FR PES fabrics by Hispano Tex


    New FR PES fabrics by Hispano Tex

    This last quarter of 2016 we are launching to the market Series Firewall with four new high quality fabrics with flame retardant polyester:

    • STEWART FR, ideal lining for curtaining, it has some flame and recalls linen look.
    • GORDON FR, a basic but indispensable FR pes canvas that is multipurpose. You can use it for upholstery and cushions but also for curtaining or even for printing advertising and publicity, bags, lamps and so much more.
    • BEAGLE FR, similar to Panama Pesco, with 240gsm, can be used for upholstery, for curtains
    • CLARENCE FR, perfect lining we offer two different finishes: one with softener for curtains and another version that is stiff so it can be used for roller blinds.

    Contact us to request samples and prices!

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