Following Pantone official trends already coming from the past years, on 2016 we have seen the consolidation of two pastel colors: Serenity Blue (Pantone 15-3919) & Rosse Quarz (Pantone 13-1520). Thus our design team has created several series in the last collections that contain one or both color options.


    Starting with series Antartida, from Xmas 2016 collection published last April.  Later on last June we published series Serenity, with both some digital print but also rotary printing, two designs with white base and two more in our beautiful beige base HP-Nova, you can have all designs in both colors. Also coming from the June collection, Series Piamonte, in our beautiful Mikonos fabric for curtaining, it offers a delicate print for a super-soft fabric.img_0577

    And recentely on September, we have just published Series Suiza and Helvetia, both containing a new “false” plain called Zermatt in a blue and pink very close to original pantones, as well as some Nordic designs like Berna or Zurich.

    Do you want to receive samples? Click here and request direct samples or contact us for more information.

  • Metallic vintage looks

    METALLIC VINTAGE LOOKS, coming soon!

    TUBISCREEN colores


    As usual in fashion everything comes back, and in 2016 vintage looks have returned to the home textile trends and seem here to stay for a while.

    So this year our design department has created fancy metallic vintage prints ideal for upholstery purposes: from sofas to cushions, Series Oldage is ment for those vintage but elegant home decorations.

    If you are a cushion manufacturer, forget the positional metallic transfer which is more expensive and has a shorter life. Our metallic prints will last longer and look even better.

    Available colors go from standard gold and silver but also to blues, reds an even purple or turquoise.

    Click here and request samples for Series Oldage with metallic vintage prints now!

  • New FR PES fabrics by Hispano Tex


    New FR PES fabrics by Hispano Tex

    This last quarter of 2016 we are launching to the market Series Firewall with four new high quality fabrics with flame retardant polyester:

    • STEWART FR, ideal lining for curtaining, it has some flame and recalls linen look.
    • GORDON FR, a basic but indispensable FR pes canvas that is multipurpose. You can use it for upholstery and cushions but also for curtaining or even for printing advertising and publicity, bags, lamps and so much more.
    • BEAGLE FR, similar to Panama Pesco, with 240gsm, can be used for upholstery, for curtains
    • CLARENCE FR, perfect lining we offer two different finishes: one with softener for curtains and another version that is stiff so it can be used for roller blinds.

    Contact us to request samples and prices!

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