Hispano Tex goes outdoor!


During this year, Hispano Tex is seriously investing in producing a wide range of outdoor fabrics with outstanding performance capabilities that will cover both technical and design demands of the best worldwide outdoor-deco producers.

All Hispano Tex outdoor fabrics are waterproof, stain-repellent, resistant, light fast and machine washable.

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First we launched series Landscape, composed by plain 100% Dralon wovens finished with Teflon, a basic must-have outdoor canvas with a complete color palette.

This month, Hispano Tex team is delighted to be welcoming a new season of fabrics into our exclusive outdoor range: we are publishing Lookout collection, composed by several fabrics, plain or striped, also woven with Dralon acrylic color-yarn and finished with Teflon, in order to maximize full quality coverage for outdoors use.


In our new Lookout collection you will find:

  • Basket & Basfresh; two fabrics similar to our Panama Pesco, the latter with a white yarn on warp to give a fresher color range:
basket basfresh
  • Grass & Longer; two glamorous chenilles, the latter striped, with a nice soft touch in various trendy colors:

longer grass

  • Hamock, a plain woven canvas with a flamé yarn, only available in 3 natural colors
hamock Sin-título-4
  • Outfield, horizontal stripes in several earthy and darker color combinations:
  • Sunbeam & Roller, two structured wovens in a wider color palette:
  • Canopy, intricately woven combining horizontal polyester and chenille stripes in several color combinations

Furthermore, we are preparing another Dralon acrylic fine woven fabric to be printed, that we will publish soon as the PRINTOUT outdoor collection. So clients will be able to choose to print our collection designs in this fabric, or even print their customized design.

You can make your order or receive samples of the whole LOOKOUT collection! Send us an email here or check out the fabrics by clicking here or the button below.



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