Geometric designs, a “must-have” at home


Since 2014 - 2015, geometric interior trend is increasingly popular in home decoration. Now is a totally well-known style and has become a “must-have” at home: in bedrooms, in the living-rooms or even outdoors…

The real reason of geometric theme success is that it is a really versatile trend, with timeless and elegant designs -big or small- that is used in many different interior styles: mid-century modern feel, contemporary or even industrial spaces.

Let’s see some inspirational pictures with prevailing geometric motifs!

SERIES MATRIX and SERIES CUBISTA, combining black&white, as well as yellow&white gives a minimalist-Nordic style to rooms. (Design Cubista Braque is also available in more color options).


geo1 SERIES MATRIX and SERIES CUBISTA - Photo inspiration Pinterest

SERIES DENMARK - Mini geometric patterns in light pastel colors will bring coziness and sweetness to any interior space:


geo3 SERIES DENMARK - Photo inspiration from Pinterest

SERIES SUIZA – Medium size geometric designs in pastel shades, with grey, blue and pink as best sellers. Here Quarz rose is still predominant, yet coming from 2016 color trends - Check this trend here-.

geo-5 SERIES SUIZA - Photo inspiration from Pinterest

SERIES HELVETIA – aquamarine, pistachio & soft pink geo patterns combined with soft grey add elegance and class to a modern style area.

geo4.1 SERIES HELVETIA - inspiration photo from Pinterest

Designers tip: mixing different geometric prints in various color combinations will definitively enhance the ambience in the room.

Check all geometric prints available in Hispano Tex by clicking here!

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