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  • Think pink for home décor this summer

    BLUSH COLLECTION – spring/summer

    It’s official: pink is back. From darker tones to soft blushes, pink takes control in interior trends and is here to stay.

    Forget about bubblegum – soft blush tones are perfect to combine with greys, off-whites and neutral colors.

    Whether you are looking for inspiration for the living room, bedroom, or even kitchen, this trend would create the right look and feel for home.

    See below for some inspiration with this wonderful trend:

    blush trend

    For the next spring-summer collection, Hispano Tex has launched a new BLUSH collection matching perfectly with this popular trend. The collection includes our bestsellers: cotton-linen MIKONOS ideal for curtains and the resistant half-panama PRASEL printed with geo-minimalist designs to bring home a trendy look with Scandinavian accents.

    Prasel will make the best of your cushions:

    blush inspiration

    Inspiration for Prasel and Mikonos:


    The new blush collection is available now! Order your free-samples here or contact us directly through your sales manager (here).



    Following rustic trends for next season, natural fabrics are pushing forward in the market demand, as environmental and health consumer awareness increases every year. Thus, Hispano Tex has published a full series of different natural yarn woven fabrics, totally eco-friendly.

    805ea2ea66d4fc4ac6f9d378d6857d63 Inspiration - Pinterest

    We have call it series DESERT and include fabrics exclusively woven with natural irregular cotton-linen yarns, washed and sanforized, each one with different weights and structures, here listed just a few:

    • ACONA, a high quality cotton-linen canvas in natural color, washed and sanforized
    • MEDANOS, a heavy fabric made of a combination of cotton, viscose and linen with a soft touch a brighter look
    • SANHEMP, with 4x4 basket structure in cotton and linen and around 350gsm
    • GUBAN, a fancy twill cotton-linen woven with also over 300gsm

    desert-series Inspiration - Pinterest

    The series contains a total of 10 new natural fabrics, some heavier that will be excellent for upholstery, others lighter which can be used for curtains and even for bedding. Hangers of all new fabrics are available NOW along with technical data sheets.

    Contact us if you want to receive further information -marketing@hispanotex.com-.





    Series LEVITY is inspired on the trend named Virtual exploration by Heimtextil 2017. Vibrant pastel colors, pink, yellow, aquamarine and different shades of blue. The Virtual trend invite us to play with different lights, transparencies and reflections, taking us to colorful paradises and aquatic rainbows.

    LIGHTNESS-TREND Virtual Exploration trend - inspiration

    Along with fashionable original prints, we have also created fantasy woven fabrics for this cheerful trend:

    • XALOC: yarn-dyed wovens in colors with unique duetone motif reminding of the common houndstooth pattern.
    • ARIFI: pearly rainbow woven fabric in different color versions

    Next September; samples, prices and technical data for all new fabrics will be available.

    If you want to be one of the firsts to see our innovative spring-summer 2018 collection, please send us a request here.




    SERIES SPACE is available now along with the rest of Spring/Summer 2018 series (Botanical, Poetic, Bazaar & Levity series).

    You can request your samples by clicking here:


    Series SPACE is inspired on the Planetary Exploration worldwide interior deco tendency, recalling cosmic scenes, using raw materials and patterns to find textures still unknown. The color palette plays with light vs. darkness, it swings between bright white and ash-coloured tones.

    Planetary Planetary trend - inspiration

    This time we have combined printed and fantasy woven fabrics, both together for the very first time in the same hanger.

    The mix of new textures and magical brilliance are the result of the following fantasy woven fabrics:

    • KNOT: horizontal woven lines in various colors with some intended naps on the way
    • UNIVERSE: fancy multi-color weave with metallic yarn

    Samples, prices and technical data for all new fabrics will be available next September along with the rest of spring-summer 2018 collection -series Botanical, series Floral & series Levity-.

    If you want to be one of the firsts to see our innovative 2018 collection, please send us a request here.


  • Botanical design trend for this summer 2017

    Banana leafs & tropical prints

    Exotic plants, leafy jungle prints and tropical style are in vogue for both Spring & Summer this year, a trend that will be present both in fashion and in interior design. This botanical designs trend started to show up already on 2015, but has continued over the last two years consistently. An in 2017 this trend is further supported by the color of the year Greenery Green. You can also find this trend in both fashion and home décor this year with all shades of green including all types of botanical and nature elements into the prints.

    For interior design, botanical trend works so amazingly well with Nordic interior design: white and muted colors, natural wood and minimalistic decoration.

    Our new SERIES TROPIC for 2018 spring-summer collection is inspired in this trend, and you can ask for samples NOW! Send your request here or send us and email to marketing@hispanotex.com.

    botanic trend Source: Pinterest

    Banana leafs, Monster deliciosa (also called Swiss cheese plant as the grown plants holes resembles the holes of a Swiss cheese), palm trees, big jungle leafs and snake plant will be very relevant within the botanic elements represented into prints:

    leafs Source: Pinterest

    Obviously, this trend is all about the natural world, so when choosing colors, take inspiration from Mother Nature and stick to a palette of greens, blues and neutrals – think in olive, khaki, sea green and rich emerald colors.

    botanic pillows Source: Pinterest

    As we are always early-adopters of the new & popular trends, we already have some designs available in stock that totally transports you to a tropical scenery: Designs Botanic Liana green, Botanic Capol and Botanic Tucan availables in our website www.hispanotex.com.

    botanic-3      botanic tucan green      CAPOL GREEN


    For more designs, check our spring-summer collection in our website www.hispanotex.com or send us an email with your thoughts (here)


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