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  • Hispano Tex launches new fabric for printing

    Lienzo, a natural printbase

    Along with all the trends we are publishing for Spring/Summer 2018 collection now in September, we have developed a new fine natural fabric for printing called Lienzo, which means “artistic canvas” in Spanish.

    IMG_5721R HispanoTex Lienzo

    Lienzo is a plain woven canvas style fabric with 80% BCI cotton (Better Cotton Initiative) and 20% of linen/cotton combined yarn, a 100% natural organic and biodegradable print base with a soft touch and fall, totally breathable, with 160 grams produced in our standard width of 280cm.

    We will be using soon Lienzo in many collection prints from now on, first one is Series Poetic, which trend we published just last month (check this series)

    While most producers of the world produce flat-woven linen/cotton fabrics consumed mainly in plain colors, most of worldwide printers are still going with the traditional cotton/polyester blends (commonly known as “lonetas” in the cheap market) and only a few decide to provide a natural cotton canvas.

    Yet, Hispano Tex innovates by bringing to the market a unique canvas fabric made of natural yarns only, both cotton and linen: so you get the benefits of the cotton, but the looks of the linen.

    Sin-título-1 Pinterest inspo

    Lienzo is a multi-purpose fabric that will perform very good for:

    • Loose upholstery & cushions
    • Window decoration
    • Table linens
    • Interior deco
    • Bedding

    …and much more! Do you want to receive samples? Just send us an email here or click in the button below!

  • Pantone’s Color of the year 2017: Greenery


    The Pantone Color Institute unveiled last January the 2017 color of the year: Greenery.

    Photo courtesy of PantoneEvery year since 2000, the company has chosen a color that reflects the current cultural climate. In this year, the color is inspired by nature, restoration and renewed energy.

    There’s a growing desire to reconnect with Nature and what is real, and find ways to disconnect from technology. We need a break. We need to stop and breathe”  said Laurie Pressman, the Pantone Color Institute’s vice president.

    As we are always on the early edge of trends, we have included this trend already in some of our series collections, like in series Pitisusas or series Tiesto.



    Pitiusas series is made of 12/88 PesCo, yarn dyed with natural finish. You can enjoy greenery in five different designs: Vedra, Malvins, Murada, Galera and Prasel, this last one is the plain fabric. All of them available now in our website: or, if you prefer, send us an email here to receive samples.

    As part of a wider greenery trend, the cactus or cacti trend is popping up all over in the most stylish homes; cactus themed fabrics can be found on pillows, curtains, blankets and foulards. It is a fun-loving and popular trend we expect to continue through 2017.




    Tiesto is one of Hispanotex’s famous serie this year. Do you want to receive samples of Greenery Tiesto? Send your request here.

    Hurry up and bring the color of the year to your collection!

  • 2017 strongest trend: DIRTY LUXURY

     DIRTY LUXURY TREND, with Metallic vintage effect

    Metallic prints with a vintage look? Yes this is what’s all about. Both in Heimtextil and Maison et Objet 2017 editions have promoted the vintage metallic look:

    interior metallic trends 2017

    Koket Interior design trend at Maison et Objet Paris 2017 Koket Interior design trend at Maison et Objet Paris 2017

    This trend was already started during 2014/2015 worldwide:

    Maison et Object 2015 trend Maison et Object 2015 trend

    And last year, we already incorporated this trend into our 2016 collection with our series OLDAGE, printed in PRADA.

    Series Oldage printed on Prada fabric Series Oldage printed on Prada fabric

    This winter we take it one step further and we have created series LUXURY, combining a false plain (INFINITY) and a vintage flower print (DINASTY) all with metallic print with washed away vintage effect. Upholstery clients have loved this series, which we expect to develop further in the future.

    Source: Hispano Tex trend 2017, design department Source: Hispano Tex trend 2017, design department


  • Interior design trends 2017: the animal print

    Interior design trends 2017: the animal print

    Coming strongly from 2016, the animal print trend both interior deco and fashion design stays strong this new year. Following this trend, we presented in Heimtextil last month Series Savanna, with 3 animal prints on our soft fabric PRADA, with 90% cotton, which has been quite successful already in demand from our worldwide clientele.

    animal print 1


    Back in 2014 we already included an animal print on Series Sahara, design Jaima and design Zoco.

    animal print 2

    If this trend grows further during 2017, rest assure Hispano Tex will launch further animal prints designs later on this year.


  • Coming up for Heimtextil: metallic yarn fabrics & trend prints


    This year we are going loaded to Heimtextil. We are launching various new products at once, from yarn dyed to original prints and even new lace curtain fabrics. When you visit us in Frankfurt show next January ask for Serie Lumens and Serie Pitiusas: both are new fabrics, based on Half Panama weaving style, but combining cotton one with Trilobal polyester and the other with metallic yarns.


    Metallic yarn

    The Trilobal polyester provides a shiny look but ensures durability and softness of the fabric. On the other hand, metallic yarn provides a more luxury effect with a golden or silver effect mixed with cotton.



    In Heimtextil 2017 we are also bringing a full collection of prints, with all sorts of original designs that follow the current fashion trends. From tribal and animal prints, to sophisticated Nordic designs, our first collection of the coming year has everything for everybody.

  • Indigo denim collection coming soon

    Coming up: Indigo denim collection

    Yes, we are preparing new designs for our date in Frankfurt next January, really original designs that we have developed following market trends, as we always do. Yet we can only advance you, by now, that one of the new series collections will be on Indigo denim designs.

    indigo-denim-1As usual, the Indigo denim trend comes from Fashion apparel but it's strongly influencing home textiles. Interior designers firms in the USA are alredy promoting the trend since earlier this year. And so have done several Scandinavian & European interior designers. The point is that denim is already a timeless classic, as Hadley Court blogger & influencer mentions in her article for this fall: Denim design in fall fashion and decor.


    So it seems for 2017 this trend is coming to stay for a while and thus we will be launching a series of various designs soon.

    Do you want to know more?

    Visit us as Heimtextil next January and we will show you the newest design prints collections by Hispano Tex.




    Following Pantone official trends already coming from the past years, on 2016 we have seen the consolidation of two pastel colors: Serenity Blue (Pantone 15-3919) & Rosse Quarz (Pantone 13-1520). Thus our design team has created several series in the last collections that contain one or both color options.


    Starting with series Antartida, from Xmas 2016 collection published last April.  Later on last June we published series Serenity, with both some digital print but also rotary printing, two designs with white base and two more in our beautiful beige base HP-Nova, you can have all designs in both colors. Also coming from the June collection, Series Piamonte, in our beautiful Mikonos fabric for curtaining, it offers a delicate print for a super-soft fabric.img_0577

    And recentely on September, we have just published Series Suiza and Helvetia, both containing a new “false” plain called Zermatt in a blue and pink very close to original pantones, as well as some Nordic designs like Berna or Zurich.

    Do you want to receive samples? Click here and request direct samples or contact us for more information.

  • Metallic vintage looks

    METALLIC VINTAGE LOOKS, coming soon!

    TUBISCREEN colores


    As usual in fashion everything comes back, and in 2016 vintage looks have returned to the home textile trends and seem here to stay for a while.

    So this year our design department has created fancy metallic vintage prints ideal for upholstery purposes: from sofas to cushions, Series Oldage is ment for those vintage but elegant home decorations.

    If you are a cushion manufacturer, forget the positional metallic transfer which is more expensive and has a shorter life. Our metallic prints will last longer and look even better.

    Available colors go from standard gold and silver but also to blues, reds an even purple or turquoise.

    Click here and request samples for Series Oldage with metallic vintage prints now!

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