Hygge – The Danish home trend

    Hygge is the new trendy word that everybody is talking about. It comes from Norway and Denmark and means something cozy and pleasant.

    If you haven’t yet heard of the Danish word hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh"), you’re about to. This lifestyle buzzword is becoming so popular that it was one of the most searched home trends on Pinterest in 2017-2018.

    Candles. Cushions. Warm blankets and a mug of hot chocolate while a thunderstorm rages outside. These are just some of the things that are hygge.


    The philosophy of feeling good at home

    Our living environment can have a major impact on our inner attitude. That is why it is so important to feel comfortable when we come home.  Only then can we really feel and enjoy the effect of hygge.

    Warm fabrics, earth colors, soft decorative cushions and cozy curtains is exactly what our new ARGENTINA collection is all about and to achieve this feeling we have include viscose yarns.

    ARGENTINA collection with viscose:

    Hispano Tex has launched its first hygge collection, and we can’t wait to show you the new prints with natural inspiration.

    The ARGENTINA collection is printed on new printbase called MEDANOS (40%CO – 36%CV – 24%LI) with a very soft feel and a beautiful flow.


    Our new collection is available today, and we can ship a free sample wherever you want – please contact your sales manager or click here-




    Apart from the print collection, Hispano Tex has also launched a new line of woven fabrics in earth tones (beiges, greys and browns) combining perfectly with the whole flair:

    grau Check: GRAU - ABARCA

    petra Check: PETRA in

    One of the best things about the ARGENTINA collection inspired by the hygge trend is the soft and warm fabrics. Check it yourself by asking for your free - sample here.



  • Think pink for home décor this summer

    BLUSH COLLECTION – spring/summer

    It’s official: pink is back. From darker tones to soft blushes, pink takes control in interior trends and is here to stay.

    Forget about bubblegum – soft blush tones are perfect to combine with greys, off-whites and neutral colors.

    Whether you are looking for inspiration for the living room, bedroom, or even kitchen, this trend would create the right look and feel for home.

    See below for some inspiration with this wonderful trend:

    blush trend

    For the next spring-summer collection, Hispano Tex has launched a new BLUSH collection matching perfectly with this popular trend. The collection includes our bestsellers: cotton-linen MIKONOS ideal for curtains and the resistant half-panama PRASEL printed with geo-minimalist designs to bring home a trendy look with Scandinavian accents.

    Prasel will make the best of your cushions:

    blush inspiration

    Inspiration for Prasel and Mikonos:


    The new blush collection is available now! Order your free-samples here or contact us directly through your sales manager (here).

  • HISPANO TEX Outdoor special

    Series Ground: fashion prints for outdoor spaces

    This spring we present our new outdoor printed collection: series GROUND, with various designs and colors on our new fabric PRINTOUT.

    Series Ground prints for outdoor are totally combinable with our LOOKOUT collection, where you will find a wide range of textures, solid colors and yarn-dyed blends that will help to enlarge your outdoor offer to your end buyers and ensure they can create beautiful outdoor areas in sync with their own color choices and particular styles.

    Tropical flare: Return

    Last year we already saw this trend of tropical elements printed for indoor fabrics, both decoration and window, and it is actually moving forward this spring/summer.


    Now it’s also on trend in outdoor relax areas to include prints with tropical plants, like the Monstera leave (or also Philodendron, any plant from the Araceae family) or the banana leave, so the design prints recall a tropical garden or jungle and combines with the plants around.


    Our design Return combines various tropical leaves in different shades of green:



    Geo-Ethnic: Bring

    Bringing that ethnic artisanal style to the outdoors spaces is something you will be seeing in all outdoor decoration magazines for the next couple of seasons.


    What’s more, our series Tribal with ethnic geometrical designs was a best-seller for indoor decoration last year, which means it’s a style coming very strong:


    So we took this idea to outdoors and created design BRING, which also incorporates a “washed-away” finishing, so it resembles the hand-made printing.


    Boho-chic: Receive

    Coming from fashion apparel, the boho-chic style is a combination of bohemian and hippie, but with elegance. This important trend is coming strong for outdoors decoration, as it provides a casual hippie look with tasteful classy color combinations.



    Our new original design print RECEIVE will fit perfectly in the boho-chic style terraces, roof-top relax areas, hippie gardens, patios...  It combines with black, beiges, greys…


    Classic geometric: Serve

    There are some timeless geometric designs that we cannot forget when we talk about outdoor design prints, as they are a constant influence through the years.


    Indeed, elegant geometric designs for outdoor decoration have been on regular demand for years now and it does not seem to stop, though it keeps incorporating new patterns and colors.

    Our design SERVE is just that: a classic elegant geometrical pattern in various colors.


    Vertical stripes: Put

    Another classic of classics for outdoors: the stripes. We could not forget to include some stripes in our new printed outdoor series.


    In our design PUT we combine various colored stripes printed vertically, so when delivering rolls in 140cm width, it will still be good for manufacturers worldwide.


    Big colored dots: Get

    The last design for series Ground is based on a growing trend: big dots printed in different colors.


    So we have created design GET which you can combine with different solid colors. You can choose from our wide range of solid colors outdoor fabrics which you will find our LOOKOUT collection.


    PRINTOUT fabric: ideal for public use

    Woven with acryclic Dralon® yarn, this super resistant fabric passed Martindale test up to 50.000 cycles, thus it can be used for upholstery in public places with maximum guarantee.



    It also performs very well with sunlight and chlorinated or salted water, so you can have it all day long under the sun or close to the swimming pool or the beach and fabric will be always perfect.

    As it is coated with Teflon® it will also be repelling liquids and it will be very easy to clean. Remember Teflon® coated fabrics can be put in the washing machine normally, but they need to be iron reversed to reactivate properties entirely.


    All designs from our new series Ground are printed on PRINTOUT fabric and are available in our stock program (Minimum to order 1 roll in full width of 35 mts).

    Yet you can use PRINTOUT as a base to print your own custom designs or choose another of our designs in collection to print it for outdoors.



    RELATED PRODUCTS:  Series Lookout

  • Investing in innovation

    Energetic efficiency at Hispano Tex

    HISPANO TEX, S.A.U. has received a subsidy for its project of energy saving and efficiency named as “Energetic efficiency and innovation in weaving systems",  through the Institute of energy saving and diversification of Spain (INSTITUTO DE DIVERSIFICACIÓN Y AHORRO DE LA ENERGÍA - IDAE). This subsidy is co-financed by the European Union through the operative program FEDER for intelligent growth 2014-2020.

    The project has involved the modernization of a production line of a fabric with high energetic efficiency by renewing the following machinery:

    -Airjet looms

    -Knotting system


    -Warp beams

    Thus a high-efficiency energetic system was achieved for this production line, by implementing advanced technology in cooperation with the best machinery suppliers.

    This initiative will enable relevant savings in energy as well as a considerable reduction of waste during the production process, which will also result in better environmental practices.

    Spanish original, supplied by IDAE

    HISPANO TEX ha recibido una ayuda para su proyecto de ahorro y eficiencia energética con título “INNOVACIÓN Y EFICIENCIA ENERGÉTICA EN EL SISTEMA DE TEJEDURÍA” a través del INSTITUTO DE DIVERSIFICACIÓN Y AHORRO DE LA ENERGÍA (IDAE). Esta ayuda cofinanciada por la Unión Europea a través del Programa Operativo FEDER de Crecimiento Inteligente 2014-2020.


    El proyecto propuesto ha consistido en la modernización de una línea de producción de tejido de alta eficiencia energética, mediante la sustitución de algunos de los equipos que componen esta línea (sistema de telares de chorro de aire, sistema de anudado, enrolladores y plegadores). Se ha conseguido una línea de alta eficiencia energética, mediante tecnología avanzada y colaboración con los mejores fabricantes de equipamiento del sector, que nos aportará grandes ahorros energéticos y medioambientales en el proceso, así como también una reducción importante de residuos generados en los procesos productivos.


    New Christmas 2018 collection

    Hispano Tex is proud to present our new 2018 Christmas collection. This year we have searched for inspiration on different countries and cultures and we have come up with a very complete Christmas collection, let’s see the #05 different styles together.


    With color influence from Californian Christmas, Serie Fanciful follows the “merry modern” trend, but also includes the concept of fabric to be used as wrapping paper by using designs that resemble exactly Christmas present wrapping papers.

    fanciful FANCIFUL collection inspiration

    pic FANCIFUL collection


    Green Christmas tree

    It's such an seasonal icon, that we have dedicated a full Christmas series to it, using the colors of nature: winter green and earth colors. All designs follow a more traditional Christmas look and all of them include trees.

    nature inspo NATURE collection inspiration

    DSC_03244 NATURE collection - ask for your samples!


    Printed in our newest 100% recycled fabrics STEEL, follows the grey-white color influence for next Christmas, recalling Nordic design too.

    xmas-recycled ALSACIA collection - ask for your samples!

    STEEL contains 59% recycled polyester made of PET bottles and 41% of pure recycled cotton. For every square meter, 3 bottles of plastic are removed from our oceans. And having only recycled cotton, no cultivations fields or water were used. This super eco-fabric proofs that good modern design and taking better care of our planet can go together perfectly.

    steel-post STEEL fabric - click and request!


    This series is composed by several fabrics, yarn-dyed and printed. It is inspired in the traditional Christmas motifs and colors.

    traditional - scotland TRADITIONAL Christmas inspiration

    Traditional Christmas "Although it has never gone out of style, the tartan is the drawing of this year's star. That's why we wanted to pay tribute to him with this special collection. A real classic look to live the most traditional Christmas"

    5. SERIES INVERNES - reindeers & cozy Christmas

    Along with the fir tree, another Christmas icon is the Reindeer, and both of them are included in the original design of this series, playing with light greys and beiges on a light fabric.

    invernes INVERNES collection 2018 - ask for your samples!

    The same color combination is captured in the grey&white tartan which is also part of this series, a fabric that will provide coziness to seasonal interior decoartions.

    Christmas 2018 collection is available now! Send us and email with youtr sample request ( or just click in below!


  • Organic Structure


    As announced in our last Spring/Summer collection, we are now also printing our collection designs on organic fabrics, like Lienzo, our new natural canvas which was presented with Series Poetic last September.

    inspo-exacto Inspiration picture: EXACTO SERIES

    Now we use this natural fabric made of cotton and linen to present our series EXACTO, which offers a triangle geometric design combined with solid colors done by printing. The series includes both prints in 10 different colors, aligned with fall’18/winter’19 color trends for home decoration.

    exacto colors SERIES EXACTO: in 10 colors

    All colors are already on our stock program and available for you to order whenever you wish.

  • Playful ZIG-ZAG


    During 2018 we will see various color trends for home decoration and interiors. Pantone has published several combinations, one of them is called DISCRETION, which involves live pastel colors.


    We have used this influence to create series Italia, printed on our yarn-dyed PRASEL. It includes a zig-zag geometric pattern composed by little dots, as well as a dotted pattern. Actually, the zig-zag pattern is a star motif both printed and yarn-dyed in home decoration and we find it in curtains, carpets, wallpapers, sofas, beds, cushions…


    Serie Italia also includes PRASEL yarn-dyed in each color combining with the prints. All patterns and colors are part of our stock program in 3 colors: blue, pink and beige.

    italia-3 italia-2 italia-1

    Do you want to receive our new series for elegant curtain? send us and email by clicking here or press the button below:

  • 2018 curtain prints

    The Damask style return

    In 2018 there’ll be much more focus on the texture and patterns of window fabrics. Thus printed curtain fabrics with geometric or sophisticated motifs will be on high demand.

    One of the patterns that is returning to the scenes this year is Damask, as it can be displayed a complex geometric design which recalls for a refined vintage look. Yet this time colors and textures are different: cozy greys and warmer earthy shades will be predominant.

    damask-inspo inspiration picture: Damask style

    Our design team has thus created an elegant Damask style print with neutral colors, providing a glamorous look on new series TENDA, printed on our fabric MAKASAR, a 100% polyester woven fabric that allows light through its entangled weave:

    6 Makasar series by Hispano Tex

    Design Arabela is already available in our stock program in two colors, grey and beige printed on white. More curtain prints will be developed during the year, so stay tuned for our next collections!

    Printed curtain fabrics with Damask motives:

    cartinas-arabella-post Damask style: Arabella series in two different colors

    Do you want to receive our new series for elegant curtain? send us and email by clicking here or press the button below:

  • Mosaics and tiling

    Leisure collection

    During all 2017, we have seriously invested in new developments.

    One of them is fabric TANTRA, with 200 grams and 83% cotton, 13% linen, all natural organic yarns, completely biodegradable.


    Following super 2019 winter trend of mosaics and tiling influence over print patterns, you will find fabric TANTRA printed in shades of blue and beige:


    Leisure collection is inspired in warm&cozy spaces, playing with textures and simple geometric shapes:

    inspiration Inspirational pictures for Leisure collection

    Furthermore, we have also incorporated 3 totally new fabrics:

    1. VELOUR, a 215 grams chenille with a beautiful velvet touch available in stock in 22 colors. It contains Dralon yarn, so colorfastness so light are secured at 7 minimum.

    velour2. OPULENT, the lighter version of Velour with 150 grams, ideal for curtaining, the fabric has a wonderful fall.

    opulent3. TWILL, a fine twill fabric with colored yarn on weft, 225 grams and made of poly-cotton yarns. It is available on two colors: blue and beige


    Leisure collection is available now! So, if you want toreceive samples, please send us your request by clicking here.

  • Winter geometrics


    This winter season, sophisticated geometric designs have arrived and are here to stay, yet this time using a different and warmer color palette than before.


    According to many designers, simple squares, rectangles or triangles are a thing of the past, while more intricate geometric designs, some with optical effects, come as a strong trend this winter.

    In our new series NEOGEO, we have combined the idea of elaborated geometric designs with mellow autumn&winter pantones.

    pillows - neogeo

    All designs of this series are printed on PRASEL, a fine poly-cotton fabric of 195 grams which is also available in plain colors from our stock service.

    To combine with this trend we have also created fabric SEAM, a rustic plain woven, also yarn-dyed, with some weft floats in a light black.


    NEO - GEO trend is a must for modern decoration and for this 2018.

    Do you want to receive free samples of NEO-GEO, contact us here!


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