• Hispano Tex dyes, prints & finishes all types of fabrics we weave ourselves. We are experts printers for over 25 years, and we can provide full printing capacity both in rotary and flat printing as well as digital & photographic quality.


We dye all type of fabrics and have a relevant dying capacity with both jiggers and horizontal beam dyeing machines, autoclave, both standard and supersize.


Our current beam dyeing machines have a huge capacity, which allows to produce bigger batches and improve our industrial profitability per batch, enabling us to provide more adjusted prices and generating lower second choice fabric.


Our Finishing department processes fabrics in grinders, thermofixing machines and sanforizers too, in order to give Hispano Tex fabrics the touch, softness and extra properties that our clients appreciate.


We can also deliver single and double-coated fabrics, anti-stains, easy-care, hypoallergenic, anti-shrinkage, water-repellent, flame retardant and even fireproof fabrics.


All production parameters are automatically recorded so every production process can be monitored: from weaving to dye formulas and final electronic QA check before storage.